Handoff Minimum Requirements for Mac OS Sierra

By | April 7, 2017

For you to use the latest OS features like Handoff, Universal Clipboard and instant hot spot, you will need to have a Mac that was manufactured after a certain year. This article details that list.

PLEASE NOTE that just because your Mac can run Mac OS Sierra doesn’t mean that it will automatically support Handoff, Universal Clipboard of Instant Hotspot. It is very confusing and we are not sure why Apple have made it this way but that is how it is unfortunately.

Minimum Requirements
Mac Model Handoff, Universal Clipboard and Instant Hotspot Requirement Mac OS Sierra
MacBook Early 2015 or Newer Late 2009 or Newer
MacBook Pro 2012 or Newer Mid 2010 or Newer
MacBook Air 2012 or Newer Late 2010 or Newer
Mac Mini 2012 or Newer Mid 2010 or Newer
iMac 2012 or Newer Late 2009 or Newer
Mac Pro Late 2013 or Newer Mid 2010 or Newer

So, if your Mac runs Mac OS Sierra but is not able to give you the option to Handoff or turn on Instant Hotspot or allow you to use Universal Clipboard, it could just be that you have a Mac that is just too old to have that particular feature, regardless of whether or not it runs Sierra.

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