Copy Paste not Working in Mac OS Sierra!

By | April 16, 2017

If there’s one keyboard shortcut everybody knows, it is the copy and paste shortcuts. Whether it is copying and pasting a difficult to remember password or that long paragraph that you are trying to insert somewhere, copy and paste is vital. So, what do you do when  you can’t get this simple function to work in Sierra!

How to fix Copy and Paste not working in Sierra issue?

You can possibly fix this by deleting some plist files. Don’t worry. They will rewrite themselves and will not harm your Mac.

Use Finder to find the following plist files.

Delete these files once you find them. Restart your Mac and try copy pasting and it should work perfectly. Though deleting the files won’t do any harm to your Mac, you might have to spend a minute or two resetting your Finder preferences to what you personally like.


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