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Siri Stopped Working on Mac OS Sierra

Did Siri stop responding to you all of a sudden? Did it start doing this after a recent update to Sierra? There’s a couple of simple fixes to bring it back to life. How to Make Siri work again, in Mac OS Sierra? First, see if turning off dictation will bring Sierra back to life.… Read More »

Sierra Repeatedly Keeps Asking for Keychain Password

Is Sierra’s keychain password prompt is annoying the hell out of you, here’s a simple way to fix it. Such a problem can usually arise when your Mac OS user account password does not match your login keychain. There’s two ways to fix this problem. How to fix problem of Sierra repeatedly asking for Keychain… Read More »

Handoff Minimum Requirements for Mac OS Sierra

For you to use the latest OS features like Handoff, Universal Clipboard and instant hot spot, you will need to have a Mac that was manufactured after a certain year. This article details that list. PLEASE NOTE that just because your Mac can run Mac OS Sierra doesn’t mean that it will automatically support Handoff,… Read More »

Mac Very Slow After Sierra Upgrade?

If you just recently upgraded to Mac OS Sierra and are experiencing a slowdown on your Mac, it could just be that you will have to wait out the sluggishness, as it will go away with time. How to fix slow Sierra problems after upgrade? Wait! That is the solution. Why do you have to… Read More »

4K Resolution Not Working in Mac OS Sierra

Were you previously able to put out 4K resolution onto an external monitor, from your Mac? But, are you not able to do that after upgrading to a recent version of Sierra? How to fix Sierra’s inability to display 4K on an external monitor? With Sierra’s new update, it is designed in such a way… Read More »